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First Meeting on Police preparedness on Car Festival

World famous Car Festival will be held at Puri this year on the 1st of July. Different rituals will be observed on different dates as per the tradition of Sri Jagannath temple. The important rituals like Nabajauban Darshan on 29.06.2022, Sri Gundicha Yatra (Ratha Yatra) on 01.07.2022, Bahuda Yatra on 09.07.2022, Suna Besha on 10.07.2022 and Niladri Bije on 12.07.2022 will attract large number of devotees. Lakhs of people across the country throng the holy city during this festival.
In the above backdrop a preparatory meeting was held today at State Police Hdqrs, Cuttack under the chairmanship of DGP Shri Sunil Kumar Bansal.
In the meeting DGP called upon the officers to be proactive and extra vigil for this world famous car Festival at Puri. There was a threadbare discussion on various security arrangement related issues in the meeting.

After a thorough discussion the following decisions were taken:-

• Elaborate security arrangements will be made during the major events of Car Festival like Nabajauban Darshan, Sri Gundicha Yatra, Bahuda, Suna Besha etc.
• RAF and CRPF will be requisitioned well ahead of time to provide extra security coverage.
• Senior Police Officers will be assigned for specific duties.
• Requisition of Bomb disposal squads/ HHMDs, DMFDs and Metal Detectors.
• Counter intelligence squads.
• VVIPs security.
• Communication arrangements and preparation of a comprehensive plan/ arrangement allotting different channels.
• Provision of Cranes/ Vehicles/ other Gadgets.
• Installation of C.C.T.V./ X-Ray Baggage scanner.
• Road Divider/ Delineator and Traffic cones.
• Beach patrolling.
• Issues related to Bus-Operators.
•Opening of Temporary Police Out posts.
• Timely performance of Nities.
• Issue of Cordon passes.
• Regulation of Traffic.
• Accommodation of Officers/ Force.

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