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Confirmation of Forfeiture of property worth of Rs.2.35Crores in NDPS Case by
the Competent Authority

Seizure of property in NDPS case Under the provision of chapter V A of NDPS Act (Section
A- Z) there is a provision of seizing and forfeiture of ill-gotten property (illegally acquired
property from Narcotics business in last six years). On 7.04.2022 Honorable Competent
Authority, Kolkata under NDPS Act has been pleased to pass order to forfeiture of huge amount
of property worth of Rs.2.35Crores seized in STF PS Case No. 29/2021 U/s. 20(b)(ii)(c)/29 NDPS

Competent Authority is a quasi-judicial authority under NDPS Act to pass order for
forfeiture of such illegally acquired property.
In this case, on 13.08.2021, contraband Ganja around 10 Quintals, one TATA Truck and
other incriminating materials were seized. Accused Anil Kumar Pandi, S/o Brundaban Pandi of
Vill.- Chhachina, P.S.-Kodala, Dist.-Ganjam is a habitual drug trafficker having links with
interstate and inter-district.
Financial investigation was conducted in which illegally properties worth of
Rs.2.35Crores acquired by accused Anil Kumar Pandi, S/o Brundaban Pandi of Vill.-Chhachina,
P.S.-Kodala, Dist.-Ganjam out of illegal contraband Ganja business have been identified and
seized. A detailed proposal for confirmation of seizure/forfeiture of the properties earned out
of illegal drugs business was sent to the office of Competent Authority and Administrator of
NDPS Act, Kolkata, as per provision of Sec.68(F) NDPS Act, 1985, which has been confirmed after
due legal procedure. Seized properties include one palatial three storied building having
luxurious facilities including a swimming pool and 33 plots and Bank deposits etc. All these
properties were purchased from ill-gotten money of drug trafficking within last six years.
Properties were purchased in his own name as well as in the name of his brother Sunil Kumar
Pandi& others.

It is worthwhile to mention that Anil Pandi is one of the most wanted drug trafficker
having involved in 11 NDPS cases in Gujarat. Earlier his brother Sunil Pandi was arrested by
Gujarat police and now in Gujarat jail. Anil Pandi is absconding evading police arrest. Court has
issued a Non Bailable Warrant against him. STF has already declared reward on 2.12.2021, as
the accused has been absconding since long.

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